Our Sponsorships

  • EVENT LOUNGE $5,000

    Take over your own room across the floor from the main conference ballroom. Help attendees relax, unwind and network. Includes space for refreshments and can be combined with a Refreshment Package to provide food and drinks to the guests.

  • LANYARDS $5,000

    Have your company logo displayed around the neck of every Guest, Vendor and Staff Member.

  • NAME BADGE $3,000

    Have your company logo displayed on each name badge every Guest, Vendor and Staff Member.


    Every guest will receive an event bag which includes your company logo! Every bag is loaded with promo items and will come in handy during the show as they collect additional items.


    Provide beverages at Resummit – Place your logo on refreshment cups and beverage napkins.

  • WI – FI ACCESS $5,000

    Attendees will think of you and thank you for providing access to free Wi-Fi at the event. Create a custom password that all attendees will enter when accessing the Wi-Fi. Your Brand and Code will appear in the Event Brochure, signage, and handouts to all attendees with their Resummit Name Badge.

  • COCKTAIL PARTY $20,000+

    Sponsor the evening networking cocktail party and help attendees unwind and relax.

  • Breakfast $10,000+

    Breakfast will be served to all attendees on Monday and Tuesday.


    Lunch will be served to all attendees on Monday and Tuesday.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY $4,000

    All event photos will have sponsor logo on the right-hand side of each photo.


    Inside Cover – $2,499

    Full Page Ad – $1,499 Back Cover – $1,999

  • EXHIBIT BOOTH $2,499 ( +5minutes on stage to introduce the company )

    Let up a table within the event lounge to display your products and/or services. Each exhibit booth comes with electricity, table and (1) exhibitor pass for your team to manage the area throughout the event.

  • BAG ITEMS $500

    Place an item inside each event bag. Sponsor is responsible for providing all items.

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