Jason Schaeffer is an internet and domain name attorney that has successfully represented major corporations such as NFL Properties and Pfizer to assist them in protecting their trademarks and the online presence of their brands. His current legal work at ESQwire.com focuses on protecting and selling premier dot-coms and domain name portfolios. He is also responsible for helping many new gTLDs apply for and secure the rights to operate online. Over the past decade, he has earned a reputation as a leader in ICANN compliance, global domain law (UDRP and Federal Litigation), and brand creation and protection.

His current work with DotMusic Ltd. (.MUSIC) focuses on the development of a community-based, generic top-level domain platform for selling, sharing and distributing music while protecting the brand and intellectual property rights of content creators.

His commitment to helping people grow their online businesses and to advancing the branding and domain industries are the key reasons he created NameSummit. Jason views NameSummit & Real Estate Summit as “the ideal platforms to bring together industry leaders to discuss trends in branding, influencer marketing, and social media to help people promote themselves