Alex Montalenti is a leading real estate technology coach. He speaks on stages across the country to thousands of agents, teams, and brokerages. He is the co-founder of eRealty Media for over 15 years serving over 5000 agents and 200 brokers with websites and marketing platforms and coaching.

Alex is a SaaS Entrepreneur and has recently launched a newly funded technology startup called RealGrader.com – where they measure, manage, and maximize online reputation for Real estate professionals.

RealGrader puts you in control of the facts about you and of your real estate business online. First, we analyze the digital identity real estate professionals across all relevant marketing sites and social media platforms. Next, our proprietary reporting tool reveals the strengths and weaknesses showing you all the areas where your online presence is not favorable or missing.

Now with RealGrader you can do something about it and strengthen your Real Estate Digital Identity.

Our technology ranks your digital identity strength on sites including Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Homes.com, Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, your official website, your personal website, and many major sites. Then we offer services to have your online identity fixed and taken care of for you. We offer a free report to get your grade and then we offer premium subscription models based on the level of service you need. Most importantly, we offer ongoing education and services to maximize your online reputation to ensure you are proud having people Google your name.