People Connect’s production of the Fall 2018 combination New York Real Estate Summit and Name Summit conference was a resounding success.  Approximately 300 registered attendees eagerly participated in the dynamic panel discussions, intimate fireside chats while hearing from best-selling authors, influencers, coaches and real estate industry leaders.

Powered by our lead sponsor Property Shark, realtors, other real estate professionals, and investors thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to continue their education while earning 15 free CE credits. They gathered successfully to network, share ideas, cultivate new business leads and professional relationships while attending the New York Real Estate Summit and Name Summit.

The combined summit was filled with keynote speakers designed to inspire real estate professionals to take their businesses to the next level with ideas and innovations that drive results.  Nationally known business coaches, YouTube and search engine optimization experts in social media marketing, tech savvy cryptocurrency and block chain specialists and best-selling authors thrilled the audience of attendees with insights, observations and lessons learned. As the real estate industry is rapidly evolving via the latest digital innovations, our audience of attendees were exposed to the latest technical innovations, trends and strategies in today’s real estate industry.