Real Estate Summit 2018 Thanks Our Sponsors

As 2018 draws to a close, we here at the New York Real Estate Summit want to thank all of our sponsors for supporting our efforts to bring the latest trends, best practices and digital innovations to other real estate professionals.

Our goal is to empower our industry by sharing professional insights from industry leaders. We achieve this via panel discussions, keynote speeches and fireside chats that illuminate, inform and inspire others. By sharing this expert knowledge, it enables our attendees to define their brands, grows their teams and to expand their businesses by amplifying their presence on the world wide web.

Our bi-annual conference has also given added value to our all registered, licensed attendees by offering them free, required CE credits to further their careers in real estate. And we do all of this is an exciting, dynamic atmosphere that offers networking opportunities and book signings in addition to an opening night reception, continental breakfast and buffet lunch thanks to the support of all of our generous sponsors.

Join us at New York Real Estate Summit Spring 2019! Experience a conference where you’ll come away inspired to take your business or brand to the next level. We’ll see you there in 2019!

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